Weird and exotic food from around the world

For every tourist one of the conditions that a memorable vacation is tasting the local cuisine. And the farther the country of stay, the more food for him. Here are the most unusual dishes from around the world.

Sometimes it is impossible to believe that any dish edible, but in other countries people consider this dish a delicacy. What in one country is causing the discomfort, others eat every day. See our list of the most strange, exotic dishes from different countries from around the world.

Bushmeat — Africa

Bushmeat — dried meat of wild animals. It is believed that eating wild meat has become the main reason for emergence in West Africa of the Ebola virus.
Monkey brains — China, Africa and South Asia.

One of the favorite dishes of Vietnamese cuisine occurred long before the Foundation of Greenpeace. Few tourists will be able to withstand the flow of this dish and eat it after cooking it is highly inhumane to be addressed units.

Balut — Philippines.

Balut is a fertilized chicken embryos and duck. This dish is sold on the streets like hotdogs. For food fit only 17 to 21 day embryos, because at this stage they have not yet formed claws, beak and feathers. Eat balut with salt and pepper.
Fried tarantula — Cambodia.

The taste of fried tarantula poisonous compared with pork. Once the tarantula rescued the Cambodians from starvation, and today it is a real delicacy.
Turtle soup — China, Singapore, America.

It is believed that the soup with the turtle meat excellent nutrition during pregnancy.
Cheese Casu Marz — Italy, Sardinia.

Sheep cheese with larvae. Larvae are added to the leaven on purpose, for a special fermentation. This cheese has a very unusual aroma. Before eating from the mask is disposed of, because it is unsafe for health.

Cherry meat Japan.

Traditionally the meat is served during the cherry blossom season — hence the name. Pink meat is raw horse meat.
Shirako — Japan.

If you love caviar, then perhaps you have to taste fish sperm is a delicacy of Japanese cuisine.
Blablater — Sweden, Finland.

Pork blood with milk, flour and seasonings in the form of pancakes.

Rooster combs — Italy, France.

Chicken scallops are served as a side dish or appetizers with sauces.

Soup number 5 — Philippines

Under the code name hides the broth of the bull’s penis and testicles.
Dragon in flame of desire — China

The name spicy has acquired the penis of a Yak. It is believed that particularly useful for women’s skin.
Eye tuna — Japan

Eye tuna are sold in any supermarket in Japan. Boiled eye tuna taste similar to squid, and hard boiled eggs.
Tong Zi Dan — China

Chicken eggs boiled in the urine of boys under 10 years. Very expensive dish in Chinese restaurants.
Steak Tartare — France

This is a meat dish of raw minced beef. It is served raw with onions, capers, seasonings and raw egg yolk.

Fat — Ukraine

For Europeans and Asians fat the same strange dish for us cockroaches.

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