TOP 8 most unusual, extreme and exotic dishes

World experts at the most extraordinary dishes compiled a list of the most extreme food that, quite possibly, will not dare to try out the sane person. However, for all the awfulness of how prepared these dishes, and what they were prepared, they can be a very bad. So, your attention is free of the TOP 8 most unusual, extreme and exotic foods 🙂

Nowhere in this rating has hit many of our beloved native blood sausage. Nevertheless, world experts on unusual food began your list with this sausage. It is mainly prepared from the blood of cows, sheep or pigs. Use the sausage, both hot and cold.

Seventh place: Tarantulas

In Cambodia, children just love this treat. For them it is something like crisps and parents often indulge their children caught tarantulas.

Sixth place: Haggis

Scottish dish with a strange name Haggis is made from sheep heart, her lungs and liver. Also with onion, spices, salt, and oatmeal. All this must is cooked in mutton stomach. In taste the Haggis is often associated with the pudding, but by and large he has nothing in common with it. This dish can be found in any of the stores in Scotland. Also it is mandatory to prepare the birthday of a famous Scottish writer Robert burns.

Fifth place: Guinea pig

Fried Guinea pigs are especially popular in South Africa (South Africa), and not surprising, because they taste really good! The meat of these Pets contain large amounts of protein and so incredibly nutritious. In taste Guinea pig resembles a rabbit. So if you don’t know what to cook for dinner and in the fridge, not a thing, it is possible to roast your favorite rodent

Fourth place: Boiled tongue

Another dish that is a normal Russian person doesn’t seem “exotic”. Boiled tongue also constantly used by chefs worldwide for the preparation of various dishes. Languages are often added to burritos and burgers. In Ukraine such food is considered a delicacy and is often present at some important event, while in the United States this is a real oddity.

Third place: Fugue

Death from Japan with love. The puffer fish contains a considerable amount of the poison tetrodotoxin. Before how to cook Japanese cooks for a very long time learn all the nuances of cooking and pass special courses, at the end of which they receive a diploma permitting them to cook the fish. Are you ready to risk your life and try a little of this Fugue? 🙂

Second place: Fried Scorpions

This type of food is incredibly popular in Vietnam and in other Asian country China. The people of these countries believe that fried Scorpions have a rich range of useful vitamins.

First place: Balut (balut)

In the first place is really incredible dish that its extreme and exotic pereplevyvaet all of the above. Balut is boiled duck embryo, which men of the Philippines consumed almost daily, because it is believed that this type of food increases male strength.

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