Top 16 most expensive dishes and drinks in the world

As you know the rich have their quirks. Offer you top of the most expensive dishes and drinks…

The world’s most expensive nut-Macadamia tree height of 40 meters, it bears fruit for a hundred years. To breed and produce such a difficult nut, so it is not harvested more than 40 tons per year. One kilogram of Macadamia over 30 dollars. Wow nuts.

The world’s most expensive spice funny as it sounds, but it is the saffron. However, not one that we usually add in dishes. Prepare the seasoning of stamens, which are collected manually and then dried. In order to get 0.5 kg of seasoning, it is necessary to collect 225 thousand stamens. Therefore, a kilogram of saffron costs about 6 thousand dollars. Such saffron has a real taste for the flavor and taste of saffron to the dish for five people, enough six stamens.

The world’s most expensive Beluga caviar – albino. Bring this caviar from Iran, but quite rare. Therefore, one hundred grams of caviar cost about 2 thousand dollars.

The world’s most expensive mushroom is the white truffle. The price of this mushroom set is problematic, and therefore usually white truffle sold at auction. In 2004, 850-gram fungus cost the buyer to 28 thousand pounds.But on arrival home, the buyer discovered that the mushroom is spoiled. The poor man buried his in the garden, but did not wait for the harvest. In 2007, three Hong Kong tycoon has bought a truffle weighing just 750 grams for 209 thousand dollars. The mushroom was delicious and was eaten at a Banquet together with family and friends tycoons.

The world’s most expensive potato “La Bonnotte”. Grow potatoes the farmers on the island Normate. Every year about one hundred tons of potatoes. The tubers are so gentle that they are collected exclusively by hand. The cost of our karthu not worse than the taste.

The most expensive meat in the world is Japanese marbled beef cows, Wagyu. Cows for many centuries bred in Japan, feed them with the best herbs, rubbed with sake (Japanese vodka) and singing with beer. For a long time the Japanese did not export cows to other countries. But now they are bred in Australia. However, the Australians sell the meat more expensive. The thing is, to improve the taste of meat farmers are watering their cows red wine at $ 16 per bottle. In Europe 200 grams of beef you can buy for $ 100. Especially tender pieces for $ 1000.

The most expensive dumplings in the world are served in the restaurant serving Russian emigres “Golden Gates” in the Bronx. They include: elk, beef, pork and iron deep fish-torch. As a result, even when a small light dumplings emit blue-green light. Despite this, the stories of the tasters dumplings are absolutely edible and very tasty. The unusual portion of 8 dumplings will cost 2400 dollars, and from 16 to 4400 dollars.

The world’s most expensive sandwich platinum club sandwich “von Essen” is served in the hotel chain, “von Essen.” It consists of: Iberian ham, Bresse fowl (the bird of France of the aristocratic, white hen with blue legs and red crest), white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian tomatoes and cooked on a special sourdough bread. To try this sandwich, you need to fork over $ 200.

The most expensive pizza in the world “Luis XIII”, prepared by Italian chef Renato viola. The beauty is that the pizza is cooked at home in the presence of the client. It includes: mozzarella, Buffalo, three types of caviar, prawns, lobster and red lobster. Sol pizza is also not ordinary, Australian pink. Ordering a pizza will cost about € 8300.

The world’s most expensive coffee “Kopi Luwak”, it is noteworthy that coffee produces small carnivorous sverok Luwak (after whom he is named). This animal loves to feast on ripe and the best fruit of the coffee tree. Coffee fruit he eats far more than he can digest. Undigested grain, pass through the intestine of the animal, and then exposed to enzymes at him. And according to fans gets a unique taste and aroma. Pounds unusual coffee costs 300 to 400 dollars.

The world’s most expensive bottled water “Kona Nigari” is extracted from the depths of the ocean, just off the coast of Hawaii. Specifically desalinate water and purify, and then bottle with a capacity of 0.06 and 5 liters. Five liter bottle will cost $ 2,000, low $ 33. Water before use “Kona Nigari” must be diluted with plain water.

The most expensive tea Chinese da Hong PAO, translated means “Big red robe”. Tea bushes, which grow only in the mountains near the monastery Tianjin in China. The fact that the year produced no more than a kilogram of raw material for preparation of da Hong PAO. Therefore, the divine drink pounds worth from one thousand to a million dollars.

The world’s most expensive salad “Poretsky land and sea”, is served at the Oxford hotel. It includes: selected white Beluga caviar, Cornish crab, crayfish, lobster, paretsky young lettuce, a little olive oil, red pepper, grated truffles, potatoes and asparagus. The portion of this salad will cost 800 euros.

The world’s most expensive fast food “Dragon Dog” from the Vancouver network “DougieDog”. It turned out that the usual sausage in the bun can be insanely expensive. Listen here to the composition of sausages are: meat of lobster and Japanese Kobe beef. All this seasoned with cognac for the price of two thousand dollars a bottle, truffle and olive oil, and sauce made with secret ingredients. This portion of “suhomyatku” will cost $ 100.

The world’s most expensive ice cream dessert restaurant “Serendipity 3”. In the composition, which is composed of 25 varieties of cocoa. Ice cream with whipped cream and slices of edible gold. In addition it is served in a sundae dish, decorated with diamonds and gold border. There is a dessert, have a gold spoon decorated with diamonds. Plus the client can take with them, an empty ice-cream bowls and spoon. Is the joy of a sweet tooth 25 thousand dollars.

The most expensive chocolate in the world “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” made in America. It is a dark chocolate with a very small shelf life. Containing only natural ingredients of the highest quality. 500 grams of chocolate can be bought for 2600 dollars.

The world’s most expensive tea bag was manually created by the English jewelers in honor of the 75th anniversary of the tea company “PG”. Tea bag decorated with 280 diamonds. Worth seven and a half thousand pounds. Money from the sale of unusual tea bag was used for the construction of the children’s hospital in Manchester.

The most expensive champagne in the world “Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc” made from special sorts of grapes. Bottle capacity 0.75 liters worth about 1000 euros.

The most expensive vodka in the world “Diva” cooked Scottish masters. The vodka is filtered through charcoal Northern birch, and then cleaned through sand and crumb of diamonds. Bottle is decorated with cubic zircon or other stones, depending on the whim of the customer. The cost of the bottle 400 to $ 1000

The way most beer in the world “Vieille Bon Secours” produced in Belgium. The bottle is worth a thousand dollars, and that’s a pint you can drink in a London bar “Bierdrome” for 79 dollars.

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