The most exotic dishes of the peoples of the world.

It is believed that the most shocking culinary recipes normally the invention of Asians or Africans, overcome mistrust and fear, and dare to experiment that may change your life. Here we provide a list of the most incredible delicacies for the most fearless extreme lovers of food.

Fried spider in Cambodia.

Fried spider is unlikely to cure arachnophobia, but in the town of Skuon, which is near the capital of Cambodia fried spider is a traditional dish of local cuisine. No wonder, here they cook extremely tasty.

Just do not think that in Cambodia there is nothing except spiders. Enough food: chicken, rice, pig, fish. Just spiders they like. Tarantula “a-ping” which are the size of human palm, the Cambodians appreciate as we caviar. Spiders artificially bred in earthen burrows or caught in their natural habitat. First they remove the venomous fangs, and then flatten the abdomen, to deprive them of their ability to move. Claystone then roast on open low flame in butter, and add sugar, chopped garlic and a large amount of salt. When the black chitinous shell becomes red-brown and on the paws crackling, the tarantula can be podavati the table.

To taste fried spider looking a bit like crab or lobster, but it is much easier, because in order to remove the shell, tongs are not needed. Belly and paws are the tastiest parts of a spider. Sophisticated more appreciate the meat is white from the head of a spider.

Japanese puffer fish.

You have probably heard the horror stories about deadly poison of this unparalleled delicacy of the Japanese. Now, you are not deceived, it is true. The poison of this fish is so deadly that even a small mistake cooks in the cooking process of this dish will cost the lives of all the brave souls who dared to try it. Therefore, the preparation of the fish only cooks, passed the exams and received special training and are able to measure out a certain quantity of poison sufficient for the drug ecstasy. But the fugu poison 1,200 times more dangerous than cyanide, and one fish is enough to kill 30 people.

But even worse not poisoning, and horrible death that will follow. Poisoning from tetrodotoxin causes paralysis of all the organs, but the person is conscious until you asphyxiate. One pleases, that happens pretty quickly.

To order fish fugu only in Japan, in her best restaurants. In the liver and Molokai fish are glands that produce poison, so eating them is forbidden.

Wish to try this fish are given the choice: at the risk of life to enjoy a delicacy or to protect themselves and to eat the fish without poison. What’s the point?

Odori ebi is “live shrimp” in Japan.

The puffer fish does not go to any comparison. It’s sushi made from live shrimps, stirring legs and antennae, while you eat them. For starters, the shrimp are soaked in sake, and immediately before use is dipped in a special sauce. Only in Tokyo you can try this delicacy.

The meat of the iguana. El Salvador.

The meat of the iguana is an amazing Salvadoran delicacy, these days it is highly demanded in restaurants in Europe and America, thanks to an increasing number of immigrants.

It is believed that, in addition to taste, iguana meat has medicinal properties — it is literally a panacea from all illnesses, from bronchitis to prostatitis. Medical value of iguana meat is not proven, but despite this the people of El Salvador adore this delicacy and consider it no worse than the chicken meat. However, the meat of the iguana harsh, but its taste is more intense.

The world is full of the most incredible dishes and flavors. This list is only a small fraction, but you may want to start with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and new experience will not keep you waiting. Be bold and do not impoverish his life.

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