The most exotic dish

Gourmets all over the world crave more thrills, they can not be surprised raw fish in a fancy sauce or the meat of a lion, so they are looking for exotics worldwide, and it is not so difficult to find. Many national dishes, for example, Australia, Africa, India and South America, are quite usual for the inhabitants of these countries, but shocking for us, accustomed to the aristocracy, Europeans.

Live dish

We all know the passion of Koreans for seafood, but some of their Hobbies cross the boundaries of our understanding, though perhaps not all that bad and really tasty. Unlike squid, octopus in South Korea not stewed, not boiled, not fried, not baked, and served at the table raw, living form, they are still moving and trying to escape from the plate. Seafood connoisseurs argue that the way meat is better chewed and digested faster.

The butterflies in my stomach

In the East of Africa is a unique country – Uganda, here are unique rules and laws, and they also apply to food products. Favorite dish here is the locust: this product can be found at all local markets, and its share by type, form and other criteria that affect palatability. Optionally, insects can be sauteed or consumed raw. I think not everyone would risk to try such treats, but they say that such Goodies contains a lot of protein, so presently our body.

Bloody treats

There are many legends and tales about the usefulness of snake blood. The Thai people know this firsthand, because it is here that guests can enjoy as a standalone drink fresh blood of a Cobra. It is sometimes used as a component of a cocktail. The cost of this life-giving nectar can reach several hundred dollars.

Hi from Australia

The inhabitants of Australia never cease to surprise us, especially fond of them “caviar” eggs of ants or ant tummies if we are to believe the testimony of one wonder, they taste like lemon sherbet. But before that you need to take the life of an insect: to take his head and crush it.

“Swallow’s nest”

But still, tops the list of unusual Goodies and a dish that will be able to master only the most courageous and brave representatives of the human race.

Has rightfully earned the title of most exotic dishes “swallow’s nest” is a soup made from the nests of swallows. According to the legend, the soup gives strength, energy, courage, promotes enthusiasm, and good for the spirit. It was first cooked this exotic in the 13th century, during the invasion of Genghis Khan in China. The Emperor of the Jin dynasty with his loyal vassals, beginning a retreat, was besieged at a remote island, the food was over, so began the search for food. The Emperor, unfortunately, could not survive, could not eat the contents of the nests and roots, rushed into the water and drowned.

In spite of this, presents the dish is a symbol of bravery and courage and it is included in the menu of each Emperor. Yes, this dish is included in the Imperial menu, that speaks for its value and superiority over many other. Not every modern man who loves the unusual, it can afford because of its price of no less than 10 thousand dollars, it sounds impressive.

The components of the soup are very, very unusual, so indulge your taste buds with them only in expensive restaurants. So, what’s the secret? Swallows build their nest, fasten building materials with their saliva, as it contains a special enzyme, more like unattractive viscous mass. This mass is dried and comes in a luxury restaurants Beijing, Paris and London. In one nest about 15 grams of this substance, after its soak, it increases to 100 grams. In this state unattractive mass goes in the chicken broth, and stew a while, then move all the contents in a bowl, decorate with berries and…Bon appetit.

If you want to try the extract of courage and bravery, then you should be charismatic to visit Beijing. And if you’re a fan of exotics, from successful experience takes only 6-9 hours of flights.

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