The most delicious vegetable dishes

Vegetables are a versatile product that can be served fried, boiled, stewed, baked and even pickled. Vegetables are perfectly combined with any components of dishes and different sauces, they decorated the table. Typically, the vegetables are crushed into small pieces, so there is need fork and knife only to hold the vegetable, but doesn’t cut it. If the main dish was presented potatoes, boiled in their skins, to take it in hand and cleaned strictly forbidden – for cleaning it is necessary to use a fork and potato peel laying on the edge of your plate or on a napkin. Salads with a high content of lettuce leaves is also need to eat with a fork and shred the large pieces only using a fork. From a common bowl for a personal salad shift with a special spoon. The juice, formed from succulent vegetables, should be left in the dishes untouched.

Vegetable skewers

Tomatoes – 3 PCs.

Zucchini – 2 PCs.

Potatoes – 3 PCs.

Onion (small) – 2 PCs.

The pickled cherry tomatoes – 6 PCs.

Mayonnaise – 1 tbsp

Ketchup – 1 tbsp

Green salad, dill


This kind of vegetable skewers to cook well on the grill, but if you this is not possible, it is quite suitable conventional pan. Fresh tomatoes, zucchini and potatoes cut into druglisinopril a width of 0.5-1 cm and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Cut the onions into rings, so that later they fell apart. In a pan pour vegetable oil, rascality. So tomatoes are not impregnated with the juice of other vegetables, fry them one at a time in the following order: potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes and lastly the onions. At this time, in separate bowl prepare a sauce from ketchup and mayonnaise. Roast the vegetables begin to alternately strung on wooden skewers. Vegetable skewers are ready place them in a bowl on lettuce leaf, next put the tomatoes and dill. Serve with a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise.

Salad “Vitamin”

Cauliflower boil in salted water, separating them into florets. Tomatoes cut into cubes, cucumber – slices. The leeks chop. Boiled cauliflower remove from pans, cool and divide into florets. Each inflorescence grind the pieces to it were 2 times less tomatoes. In a bowl, connect the vegetables along with leeks, pour in the olive oil and pepper to taste, stir. Serve the salad chilled.

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