The most delicious dishes of the world

If you like a hearty meal, to try new dishes, receive from this process pleasure, then examine the list of the world’s most delicious dishes. Probably something you missed. It’s time to start tasting!

All gourmets of the world come to the delight of the Caesar salad. It consists of lettuce, croutons and chicken. This simple salad is considered to be nourishing, tasty and healthy. He occupies a leading position in the culinary list.

Be sure to try the venison in a wine spicy sauce. For this purpose it is necessary to order in a steak restaurant “Diana”. It was started as early as in the mid-20th century. Diana is not a Princess, and goddess of the hunt. Wine gives a specific taste.

By the way, many women try to record their favorite recipes. For this purpose the most commonly used notebooks and diaries. This is a very convenient way to find the right time in all of their achievements. We recommend you to do so.

For the true sweet tooth we can recommend the banana dessert. It is prepared from this fruit and add cinnamon, sugar, banana liqueur, rum. You can also add a little warm milk. The dish is ignited, then here put a few spoons of vanilla ice cream. This elegant dessert is prepared in the same new Orleans restaurant.

If you cook the cherries in butter and sugar carmelitana, it turns out very tasty cherry syrup. They poured the ice cream,many desserts and cakes. Be sure to try this delicacy.

Another delicious dish is the pepper steak. We are talking about a piece of meat with pepper. Its a good discourage, fry in shallow frying pan. Is stored inside the juice, and top with crackling. On top of chops pour the cream. The dish is served hot.

Among the most delicious drink the world can distinguish the coffee. Drink it in with the eggs, liqueur, rum, chocolate, milk. Here imagination is boundless.

Double steak, which is used as a cooking beef fillet steak — a real yummy. It is cooked on the grill, served with potatoes, sauce.

Pancakes with orange sauce – a delicacy for a gourmet. Order this dish at the restaurant, if you want something new.

Air and exquisite delicacy – it is a meringue cake. It is cooked only by the chefs, and here at home, not every lady uses the recipe.

Tenderize the meat, wrap it in cooked egg yolk, onions, peppers, mustard, lettuce. Serve this dish with toast. So prepare the tartare, which is delicious, but harmful at the same time.

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