The most bizarre dishes for every taste

Two people riding in the train and are not binding, unhurried conversation. One suddenly said, tugging at his hand the package with sugar: “the Most disgusting combination of foods for me is a boiled egg covered in chocolate!”. After about five minutes the second reason asked: “do you prepare the dog never tried?”

The Premier took place in the “Landscape painted with tea” mentioned milk soup with herbs and prominent eyes. Will never forget his untested taste.

If you risk to fry the oranges in batter or taste of the honey mixed with cucumber brine, our collected from all over the world strange recipes will help you to master the way to new heights of culinary and sensory heaven.

Some rare or unusual ingredients may seem elusive, but nowadays nobody restricts the possibilities, it would wish. Something you 100% to cook will not, not really necessary.

1. Jellied moose nose

Taken the shaggy nose of the moose and cooked in boiling water for 45 minutes. After that, noise cooled, remove the wool, washed and put in a pot of cold water. Add one sliced onion, a clove of garlic, teaspoon of salt, spices and vinegar. Cook broth, while the meat of the nose are soft and tender. To put up for the night in the cold.

In the resulting jelly will be two types of meat: white meat facial muscles of the animal and the meat of his nostrils.

This divine, though strange, a prescription canadian laseen gave the Indians of the Northern forests.

2. Pickled pig ears

In Vietnam this is the first appetizer for vodka, not like our cucumbers and cut into 4 pieces the vitamins. Sharp little thing it is useful to chew for digestion, seizing a glass of aperitif or a glass of “main” dishes. And then sit in a boat and sail to Malaysia, angry pig ears, the local faithful.

To prepare pickled pig’s ears takes 2 quarts 4 quarts of water and alum (or E521 E523), the solution was boiled for 5 minutes. Parallel in 2 cups of vinegar was dissolved under heating 2 cups of sugar and a spoon of salt. The solutions were cooled. Two pounds of fresh pork ears boiled in two cups of water for 20 minutes, then cut into thin slices. The slices are soaked in a solution of alum, 2 hours, dried, pour sweet-sour marinade and put in the fridge. To chew through the 3 days, store the ears in the cold several weeks.

3. Ice cream with liquid nitrogen

It is not as tasty as usual. But cooks very quickly, and even at home. Liquid nitrogen can be purchased for 50 rubles per liter and bring it to your kitchen in tightly closed thermos.

Put on safety glasses, and gloves. Then comes any ice cream mix (1 kg), in an enamel pan filled with half a liter of liquid nitrogen and stirred very briskly. In the mix you can add the syrup. After 20 seconds ice cream ready. You find ice crystals, but for gastronomic adventurers it was nothing. Having a Dewar vessel, can be prepared quick ice cream right on the beach, what do you do in the resorts of Spain.

4. Crackers with tongues of lizards

First you need to catch lizards and to pull languages. About the glass app.

Then take the round crackers that are laid out on a greased baking tray, on top of the cookies with ground cheese and put the tabs. Plus a little parsley and hot sauce type of Tabasco sauce. Bake for 10 minutes. Taking out crackers with languages from the oven, garnish each with a spoon of red caviar.

The remaining lizards remains can be cooked like chicken, and serve yourself with rice and vegetables.

5. Crackers with wasps

This snack in Japanese is called “dibachi senbei”. It is made of black digger wasps — evil insects that actively hunt for grasshoppers and dig holes in the ground. We don’t have to catch them, but it is advisable to buy a ticket to Japan. Biscuits with baked wasps produce industrial factory in the town of Omachi, 200 km from the Japanese capital. Well and at restaurants too.

Favorite dish if prepared from rice, of course, flour. Insects are boiled first in boiling water, dried and kneaded with the dough. Pack of 20 crackers with wasps, costs about two dollars.

The sequel to the weird party, I assure you. For the time being you can smoke and send the link to a cooking article to a friend or girlfriend.

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