“The capitals of the Lozi-pechene” or grilled meat

Hello dear readers! Today I want to introduce you to a meat dish, called “the capitals of the Lozi-pechene” or more simply roasted meat. An unusual name, isn’t it? By the way, here it is in the picture, look.

But before we tell you about this simple recipe, would you like something else to tell.

Who is a regular reader of my blog, you may have read in the last article that I’ve been studying “the Module. The analysis of the blog” Alexander Borisov, and he recommends having clear objectives when writing your blog posts. Need to find out for myself what value I want to convey to their readers. I’ve been thinking on this issue. What is so special to share with you, which is rarely seen on other cooking, Russian blogs? Because the Internet blogs culinary topics a great variety of interesting recipes even more. Here’s a thought, I thought and came up with!

If you came to get acquainted with me closer on the page About me. you know that I am originally from Western Ukraine, but rather from the Transcarpathian region. This area is famous not only for its wonderful nature and monuments, but also delicious international cuisine. With her and then I want you from time to time to acquaint. By the way, Transcarpathian cuisine much borrowed from Hungarian cuisine and a bit improved. Although one and the same dish in different regions, but prepared differently, for example, one the same dish may differ by ingredients and method of preparation.

Well, finally I came to the very dishes which I wanted to tell you at the beginning of the article. But I want to tell you a bit about the history of the origin of its name — “the capitals of the Lozi-pechene”.

The history of the origin of the name “the capitals of the Lozi-pechene” has its roots in the XV century, when Transcarpathia rules Hungary. Now, this happened when king Laszlo Dobie-Laslo who ruled the country so poorly that completely emptied his Treasury. One of the legends says that a meal for his Majesty brought secretly to the Palace from the urban base of the eateries for the poor, under the name of “konyha”. Well, as you know, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, here’s all the people know where and what to eat their king . And simple name-a poor man’s food “konyha” was transformed into — “locikonyha”, which means “kitchen, where it feeds on the capitals of the Lozi (lászló)”, as roasted meat called “roast”(roasted), — “the capitals of the Lozi-pechene”. That’s the story!

And now directly to the very recipe.

To prepare this dish, take the pork loin (bone-in). The number depends on how many people you plan to entertain. The prescription recommended is 700 grams.

Also useful 1 onion, 2-3 cloves of garlic, salt, vegetable oil for frying, and ground black pepper. You can get some flour.

And so, start preparation.

The meat is divided into portions and repel, not too thick (I tonchovata repulsed all worried that will not be baked ).

Peel the garlic, skip through the press or just RUB on a small grater.

RUB the meat with salt, pepper and garlic.

If you prepared the meat roll in flour, and it is possible and without it. I tried both, I can say that in both cases going to be delicious.

You need to fry the meat on both sides in a hot pan in vegetable oil until crisp. Just make sure that the meat is not burnt and is well cooked.

Onions purify and cut into thin rings. And fry them separately in a pan in vegetable oil. He should get evenly fried, juicy, without bitterness.

When serving meat, laid it on top of grilled onions.

Serve this dish with vegetables or with roasted potatoes.

I recommend to try this dish, you should be sure to enjoy! I would like to hear your opinion in the comments about this dish, perhaps your impression of cooked food, or someone had used it to try? Please share! Your thoughts are interesting to me and other readers. And yet, I would like to know your opinion, are you curious about the traditional dishes of Transcarpathia? Thank you for voicing your opinion! Come to the meeting!

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