Snacks on the holiday table

In the section of Snacks on the holiday table contains the recipes of different options for cooking this wonderful dish. One and the same dish can be prepared with different ingredients, choose to your taste.


In section Snacks on the festive table You will find a variety of recipes snacks meat, fish, vegetables. These snacks will decorate Your festive table will bring delight to your loved ones and guests.

Snacks on the festive table – types

Snacks is a must-start the holiday feast. Appetizers are divided into cold and hot. Now widespread light European snacks: these snacks on skewers, canapés, julienne.

Also often as snacks on the holiday table serves a variety of small rolls. This can be, for example, a roll of cucumber with curd cheese and trout. Also as a snack on the festive table, prepare snack cakes – it’s hearty and tasty dish. Meat bags, stuffed squid and stuffed crab sticks, rolls of eggplant.

If You are expecting large number of guests and amount of time to cook you have limited, as a snack best served, for example, the snack cake cut into small portions. Because to prepare this cake may not be fast, but time will take less than a lot to prepare canapés, or rolls for that number of guests.

Also not long gotovitsya rolls. And chilled and sliced meatloaf will make a wonderful addition to your table.

Very tasty and easy to prepare dish stuffed eggs can embellish a bit and add the seafood and red caviar.

And the snack cake Napoleon is a real godsend for each family. Because to cook it is very simple, the test needs to take the frozen puff pastry. And for toppings you can use canned – sardine for example. But it is already possible to allow the imagination to roam. Because all layers can be different, then the combination of flavors can be used in layered salads. Can not go wrong.

Snacks for the festive table the procedure for filing

Our ancestors always strictly observed the order of presentation of snacks.

The first place took sour, vegetable and salty snacks. It was pickles, pickled and salted mushrooms, sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes, pickled watermelon, pickled stuffed eggplant, boiled potatoes and vinaigrette.

The following was supplied, of course, fish snacks. As fish snacks were served caviar of various fish species, fish of cold Smoking, the fish and the filler salt.

And the final dishes on a smorgasbord was served cold and hot meats: veal cold jellied, ham, salted pork fat, jellied beef, pork jelly, pork tongue (beef) boiled, boiled corned beef. Be sure all snacks served horseradish and mustard. After all, these products are perfectly enhanced the taste of the snacks.

I would like to say about canapés. Canapés in our culture as the appetizers came relatively recently. And most often this type of starters used on the buffets. Canapés are small snackbars sandwiches on black or white bread (the size of a piece of bread for canapés at least two times smaller than regular bread). Also as the base for canapes use cookies, bagels, and puff pastries. Canapes are prepared from any available in the house products: cheese, sausage, fish, butter, eggs, herring, various eateries pastes, caviar, pates and other. Bread for canapés with a thickness of 0.5 cm, already buttered, cut in rhomboid shapes, rectangles, squares of equal size. It will give originality to your canapes. Then put the bread on selected products and garnish with fresh herbs, butter, boiled carrots, egg, radish, lemon, cucumber, etc.

In this section You will find a huge variety of recipes s of ECOSOC to the festive table . Cook, enjoy gourmet meals, surprise your guests and loved ones. Bon appetit!

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