Salads birthday and in a hurry

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What is a salad?

The salad is an essential dish for any table, no matter the holiday or everyday family feast. In any case, the salad will always be on the table. Unfortunately, not all Housewives are pleasing their relatives and friends a wide variety of salads, constantly preparing only a few of the most popular: Olivier. Caesar. herring under a fur coat and so on. However, recipes for salads there are so many that you can easily find on our site. Traditional salad recipes have a long history of origin, which has its roots in past decades, and even in the XVIII – XIX century. This is, often, classic recipes salads: Caesar, Mimosa. Olivier, vinaigrette. Greek salad and several others.

For centuries the salad was called a mixture of herbs and vegetables dressed with any oil. However, over the years the composition of ingredients has changed over the years: some products away in the past, others have replaced the predecessors, and some added spicy notes in taste the inflorescence of lettuce. Now the salads birthday include a variety of ingredients from meat and fish to fruits and berries. And every new salad recipe birthday becomes exceptional, having never before existed taste, and is gaining more and more fans. Salads for my birthday, by the way, can be served as snacks, estimared direct submission of the main dish, and as a separate dish, as some recipes salads are very hearty.

Dressing to the salad

It should be remembered that each salad will certainly need refueling – it is very important when cooking, since the same components under different gas station will show their taste are completely different. Even the most banal salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and onions, seasoned with aromatic sauce will take on a completely different flavor. By far the most popular dressings: mayonnaise (both purchased and homemade mayonnaise ), olive oil mixed with lemon juice and garlic, soy sauce, unsweetened yogurt (if it’s vegetable or meat salad, then it is, as a rule, add the garlic and lemon juice).

Salads in a hurry, do not require long cooking, mayonnaise, sunflower or any vegetable oil, as did our grandmothers. And salads birthday usually require long and careful preparation, so with the dressing and, if it’s not mayonnaise, is usually prepared in advance and put in the fridge to infuse. Fruit salads in haste, often seasoned or classic unsweetened yogurt, or sour cream, or sweet liquid yoghurt or juice. Sometimes sweet salads birthday of fruits and berries yogurt seasoned with lemon juice and sugar. By the way, in order not to miscalculate the gas station, it can be mixed with a small amount of salad. This way You will be able to make sure whether You like this combination or not.

Prepare the salads to the delight of family and friends

In case You are unexpectedly caught up with friends and relatives, our website will become your indispensable assistant, as we gathered for You a selection of salad recipes, quick to prepare. Salads in a hurry include a minimum of ingredients and very simple to prepare, which is no more than 20-30 minutes. If You or Your relatives birthday is approaching and You no the recipe for the salad, and in this case our website will help You. You only need to select favourite salad recipes with Photos from the many available on the website options and make some.

Our selection of recipes includes the most popular salads for a birthday, salads on haste and other salads that You will surprise your loved one. For example, the salad with squid and pickled onions. crab salad with corn or Mimosa salad with tuna. All salad recipes submitted on the website with step by step Photos. Salad recipes with Photos to help a novice learn the art of cooking follow the cooking sequence of the selected salad.

Once you visit our website, You will not remain indifferent. We will help You not only with recipes for the classic salads, but also share a rather unusual and unexpected recipes that will delight You and Your guests.

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