Salad recipes , Caesar salad and a new salad with shrimp, chicken and squid

Delicious recipes and easy holiday salads: Caesar salad, shrimp salad, crab salad, salad “Mimosa”, “Garnet bracelet”

…Woman out of nothing always can do a salad, a hat and a tragedy…

What is a salad? Today the term “salad” has the following meaning: Salat is a variant of cold food from chopped ingredients (salad with meat, salad with fish, salad vegetables) with the addition of refills. However, such a definition of lettuce away from its historical original meaning. Initially, the salad was the only vegetarian dish of raw “salad plants.” The birthplace of the salad can be rightly regarded as Italy (Ancient Rome), in which the salad as the dish originated over two thousand years ago. In the late 16th century, the salad takes on a second home is France where a salad was served as a side dish to roast at the Royal Palace.

In the middle ages, the salad had a tangy taste as the main ingredients of the salad were green onions, garlic greens, parsley and mint, this salad is very well in tune with the meat. The next plant that appeared in the composition of lettuce is a plant, consisting of some leaves with a neutral taste, the lettuce received in all countries, including the us, the name of the salad in honor of the meals prepared from it. It took decades before in salads began to enter drugaugmentin and today “modern lettuce” over the concept of precast salad than salad vegetable.

In what lies the secret of love for salads? First, the preparation of salad is always a creative moment – ingredients salads can make almost everything known to mankind food and their most daring combinations, the main thing to remember about product compatibility in taste. Secondly, changing the dressing to the salad, you can get your unique recipe of even the most “classic” salad recipe. Third, the salad recipes are simple and quick to prepare, and skillfully composed and framed salads perfectly warm up your appetite and are the best decoration festive table.

Salads is one of the pinnacles of modern culinary art. Any hostess has to its culinary Arsenal “” salad recipe for the holiday table and will always be able to surprise guests with a new taste of even the most “beaten up” recipe. And now I would like to quote one of the characters “Cynics”:

“I will convince no one that brilliant Symphony more content than brilliant salad. If we put a monument to Mozart, we should also erect a monument to Mr. Olivier!”

Perhaps these lines will inspire the fans of the salads and the arts to capture the salad or genius of the authors in granite, marble or metal.

Our “Salad menu” will help to find quick, simple recipes and tasty salad recipes:

salad “Olivier” salad (Stolichny salad), squid salad, salad of cod liver, salad “Herring under a fur coat” salad from crab sticks and corn, salad with prunes.

Salads birthday:

salad with avocado, chicken salad, salad “Cap of Monomakh”, a ham salad, salad with pineapple, salad with salmon.

Salads for the holiday table:

salad “Caesar” salad with mushrooms, salad “Sunflower” salad “Mimosa” salad with shrimp, Greek salad.

Original salads and snacks:

salad “Pineapple” salad “Garnet bracelet” salad “Cheese Paradise” salad “harlequin” salad “Daisy” salad “Nest of grouse” salad “Mushroom glade”.

Simple salads for every day:

cabbage salad, bean salad, salad with rice, salad, salad with cheese, beet salad.

Best salad recipes with Photos and videos on the website: Cooking at home. Recipes from Olesya:

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