Recipes Caesar salad

We offer several recipes of Caesar salad . The salad is very easy and fast cooking, which barely takes a few minutes in addition, the dish is rich in nutrients, thanks to the products that are part of a salad: lots of vegetables, tomatoes, various leafy salads . etc.

Classic salad recipe Caesar salad combines very well with many dishes with very diverse ingredients.

Ingredients of Caesar salad:

Green salad.

Red leaf lettuce (oak leaves).



2 cloves of garlic.

Vegetable oil, black pepper and salt.


200 gr of chicken breast.

How to make classic Caesar salad with chicken:

To make this fabulous salad recipe Caesar must be crushed anchovies together with the garlic cloves in a Cup, add a little olive oil to make a thick paste and add a spoonful of mustard together with salt and pepper; sauce classic Caesar salad is ready.

Rinse very well leafy green lettuce and red leaf lettuce, cut small and put in a bowl together with the raisins; in a frying pan for a few minutes, turning to fry chicken breast, finely chop chicken and add to plate.

At the end pour the Caesar dressing, which we did, and our recipe of klassicheskogo Caesar salad with chicken is ready Photo.

Salad recipe Caesar

You Nauticast to cook a delicious and easy recipe of Caesar salad . This salad lets you play with a wide range of tastes, combine different types of leaves step by step explaining the unusual recipe of Caesar salad.

Ingredients of Caesar salad:

1 bunch of sheet salad.

1 green salad, Lollo.

Red leaf lettuce (oak leaves 4-5).

200 gr. cheese.


4 anchovy fillets.

Egg yolks.

2 Dalkey garlic.

1 spoon of capers.

1 spoon of mustard.

Salt, vegetable oil, black pepper.

Lemon juice.

How to cook Caesar salad with croutons:

You should first cook the sauce to the Caesar salad in a blender put the garlic cloves and the anchovies, and it is very good to crush them; add the cooked egg yolks and pouring a little olive oil, continue to beat until a homogeneous paste. Then add the lemon juice, mustard and a little salt, Caesar sauce is ready.

In the second part of preparation: wash very well the lettuce and fry for a few minutes in a pan bread slices, cut them in small pieces, prepare the croutons, just to do with cheese, add capers.

Then put in a Cup, add Caesar dressing, a little pepper and the recipe for Caesar salad is ready.

Caesar salad with chicken

The recipe for a delicious Caesar salad with chicken, easy and fast cooking.

Ingredients of Caesar salad with chicken:

Green salad

Two hundred grams of chicken breast

200 gr of cheese

Croutons to taste



Caesar dressing (purchased or homemade)

Oil vegetable oil, salt and pepper

How to prepare Caesar salad with chicken:

In a pan fry a little bit, (can be boiled) chicken breast, and finely cut into pieces, pan fry the slices of bread to make croutons and add them to the bowl with chicken, add cheese, leaf lettuce, raisins and walnuts.

To prepare the Caesar dressing for the salad, should take a couple of garlic cloves, anchovy fillets and crumbled using a blender, also add boiled egg yolks, vegetable oil, mustard and lemon juice, mix well until a homogeneous paste; and pour into it the prepared sauce with a bit of pepper.

Caesar salad with chicken is ready.

Salad recipe Caesar salad with shrimp

This recipe is to prepare the Caesar salad with shrimp . This great recipe you can learn how to prepare Caesar salad with shrimp very quickly.

Ingredients of Caesar salad with shrimp:

Green salad

Lettuce leaf (oak leaves)

250 gr shrimp

Salt, ground pepper, vegetable oil

Lemon juice



Egg yolks

2 cloves of garlic


100 grams. raisins.

How to cook Caesar salad with shrimp:

Slice the potatoes and onion finely, also chop the almonds, and all this fry in a pan for a few minutes.

Then put the potatoes on a baking sheet the oven and add a layer of potatoes and onions, shrimp with slices of almonds, a little parsley, rosemary, oil and a pinch of salt. Leave in the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C for 30-40 minutes.

Ready delicious salad recipe Caesar salad with shrimp .

Caesar salad with bacon.

A delicious recipe for Caesar salad with bacon. For this recipe very easily for a few minutes to prepare a Caesar salad with bacon, and branded the friendly hospitable hostess.

Ingredients of Caesar salad with bacon:

Leaf lettuce.

Salad leaf – the leaves of oak.

200 grams of bacon.


Vegetable oil, salt and pepper



2 cloves of garlic

The preparation of Caesar salad:

Very well wash the lettuce, chop and put in plate.

Chop the bacon and fry until Golden brown, fry the croutons.

Put in a bowl of leaf salad bacon, sprinkle with toasted croutons.

To prepare the Caesar dressing, in a blender put the garlic and anchovies and whisk well; add a little vegetable oil with a little salt, pepper and a spoon of mustard.

Caesar dressing is ready. Pour the remaining ingredients on the plate; salad recipe Caesar salad with bacon and croutons ready.

The recipe for the Caesar salad with pineapple

A delicious recipe for Caesar salad with pineapple. In this recipe we are happy to present the kind of special salad. For this recipe you will prepare the Caesar salad with pineapple, which make you swallow the language of your guests. This recipe is highly nutritious and very useful.

Ingredients of Caesar salad with pineapple:

Leaf lettuce.

Salad of oak leaves.

3 to 4 Cup of pineapple.

100 gr. raisins.

100 gr. almonds.


2 cloves of garlic


Vegetable oil, salt, and pepper.

The preparation of Caesar salad:

To prepare the Caesar dressing, in a blender grind the anchovies together with the garlic cloves, pour a little olive oil until obrazuetsja until a homogeneous mass, then add a spoonful of mustard, salt and pepper.

Well wash and chop the leaves of leaves, place into Cup and add the raisins, almonds, and finely chop the pineapple circles; and above all to pour the Caesar dressing.

Delicious recipe for Caesar salad with pineapple is ready.

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