Recipe cheese pie


130 g butter + 1 pack of cheese (200g, low-fat, but not soft in the sausage!) + 7 tablespoons of pancake mix.

Everything should grind to a smooth paste. I do this in a food processor, a knife – slice the butter, add the cheese, a little rouble combine, then the flour and the ruble until smooth. In the ideal case the dough sticks together in one big homogeneous lump. Can and hands, but tedious, as you first need to RUB the oil (to warm the oil to a liquid state is not worth it, not the consistency of the batter)and then tedious to grind the dough with a spoon or hands in the bowl ( since the dough is dry and greasy, on a Board, like regular dough, not put). Carefully remove dough from processor to a bowl (be Careful. About harvester knife can not weak to cut yourself. It is better to use a spoon)


300 grams of cheese to grate (food processor rocks!), add two eggs, 2-3 tablespoons sour cream 5-6 garlic cloves ( use chesnokodavilku)and art. spoon the chopped greens to taste (classic – dill, I add oregano) mix Everything in a bowl ╧2.

Note: What you need to take the cheese?

Yes any cheese! But it was the cheese. No sausage cheese and all sorts of”pseudowire” who do not even have time to ripen. That is, if a cheese on a hot sandwich spread like jelly across the plate is not cheese, in fact, type “cheese product”. Normal cheese on a sandwich should melt and be covered with a crust, just a little draining on one side of the piece of bread, like a clock in a painting of Dali’s “the persistence of memory” (by the way saw the original in the new York Museum, she is surprisingly small – 24×33 cm is like a sheet of A4 – and we, for some reason, used to think that she is the big picture, as in all the books and studying it in chunks. )

Display pie:

Round shape (you can pan without a handle) to grease with fat (like sunflower oil). Wash hands with soap and water.

60-70 percent of test goes on the bottom of the pie. The dough is greasy and not rolled, so we must take hands to pieces the size of an egg and flatten them into cakes, spreading from them a puzzle at the bottom of the form. Especially customized jigsaw puzzles to each other is not necessary, then the dough will spread when cooking, as long as could not see the bottom of the form. If you have enough dough, you can mould the sides, but not necessarily. (tip – if every time before otsyrevanie pieces of the dough to moisten hands with cold water, the dough will not prestavat to the hands). Making the bottom cake, spread on it the filling out of the bowl No. 2 – with a spoon. The filling needs a little bit does not extend to the edges of the pie. From left in the bowl No. 1 test put a similar puzzle on top. Here is not necessarily to cover the entire surface of the cake without the holes – it there itself will understand what’s what. Some perverts grease the top of the pie with egg to make it smooth, shiny and ruddy like a cake in the dining room.


Put in the oven for 40 minutes (temperature about 150, i.e. small fire). Ensure that does not burn. About the end of cooking you can know the characteristic smell of causing salivation, which spread throughout the apartment.


Allow the cake to cool slightly and shake out from the mold in a dish of suitable diameter. We carry the pieces of cake on the work sample.

Soups. which don’t need long cooking – recipes

The idea of a “quick soup” a while ago I was worried about. Because when you come home from work at 9 and hungry (in the sense that did not go this day to dine in the cafe, and guests at work not really had dinner) is not always at home there is a full dinner that includes an entree that I find it helpful to eat at least once a day if possible.

This is a normal and harmless situation, because the wife may also come home from work at this time or later, or she might be short on time for cooking. And as a result find themselves in a situation where you want to eat a delicious hot soup in the next half an hour . since there are later (type 11), spending the time to cook a full dinner, multidisciplinary, completely useless – will go to bed with a full belly – a pleasant and useful little.

And, of course, we are talking about full meals, instant noodles and their derivatives in our family, for soups are not included.

So, there is a typical situation and need to solve it (actually, if you come home at this time together with his wife, fundamentally nothing has changed – need bistros – even if it will be prepared by the wife. She has her own recipe “pseudocritical of Bystrova”, and they too will share over time).

Fast pumpkin Soup – cooking time 15 minutes

It is understood that in the fridge beforehand the necessary ingredients. Namely:


1. Grated in a food processor the pumpkin stored in small bags in the freezer – soup for one need a piece of frozen-grated pumpkin roughly with a fist. One small pumpkin makes about 10 such pieces.

2. Frozen seafood (I prefer mussels, but at this point it is possible to depart from the recipe, and even without seafood – then the soup will be vegetarian).

3. Processed cheese for the soup. They are called, are with mushrooms or onions, I usually buy 5-6 pieces at once, based on a couple of months.

4. Vermicelli class “gossamer”.

5. “The secret ingredient” meals for kids “Spelenok” Apple-carrot-cream. 125ml. In principle puree can be any brand and type, more importantly, to present the cream and carrot.

6. Pan. Small. Round, but not necessarily ))


Pour water – about a litre. Put on the heat. Immediately put a piece of frozen-grated pumpkin, a handful of frozen mussels, and cut into small cubes one cottage cheese.

When the water boils – everything is already thawed and the cheese will start to melt. Add “cobweb”, “the secret ingredient” and seasoning to taste (I usually put a pinch of Vegeta and Bay leaf, sometimes the mood pour a spoonful of Basil). Salt is not necessary, because, first, it is a sweet pumpkin-carrot soup, second in the mussels and Vegeta there is enough salt.

Cook for 10 minutes, even 5 minutes can be left to infuse. Total cooking time approximately 15 minutes. Well. Sweet pumpkin soup with seafood is ready. Have dinner healthy food! (Of course, if you do not hurry, you can cook even more tasty pumpkin soup, but it won’t be “bistros”)

Salad recipes for every day

I always prepare salads just before eating. The salad should not be out of the refrigerator and is better if it is room temperature. He needs to eat before he let the juice (especially vegetable salads with oil and lemon or vinegar and soy sauce).

Salads I usually cook from what is available at home, but never mixed cucumbers and tomatoes (my tomatoes taste spoils the taste and texture of cucumbers and Vice versa).

Any salad is based on lightweight components that gives structure to the salad (lettuce, carrots, cabbage, greens, tomatoes or cucumbers, etc.), but either lettuce must be “heavy” component (meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, cheese, meats, nuts, mushrooms). Heavy components should be mixed very carefully in my salads, usually not more than 3.

I like to cut large components of the salad so that every piece has retained the flavor and it was felt on the teeth, and the salad turned to mush. I try not to salt the salad using a sauces or dressings.

Salad Sunday – salad of cabbage with ham and cheese

Ingredients s

Ingredients (for 2 servings of salad):

Fresh cabbage, early cabbage 150 gr

Carrots – 50 gr

Cheese “Madam President” – 70-100 g


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