Muscovites are fond of exotic cuisine

Marbled meat, truffles, shark fin soup – these words until comparatively recently, were known only for notebooks criogenic. Now it can in principle try every Russian. The city restaurants offer varied menu options for the most refined culinary taste. However, there is one “but” – going to the restaurant serving a creative cuisine – not cheap. “Novye Izvestia” tried to figure out how much it will cost exotic dinner.

The landowner Ranevskaya of Chekhov’s Comedy “Cherry orchard” 100 years ago struck the attention of interlocutors memories of Parisian cuisine. “Frogs eat…” is nostalgic to the left. “Big deal!” – I would tell her 50 years later, a Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova, savour during their Chinese tour, the cat’s flash. Now in Moscow is eat. It all depends on the thickness of the purse and tastes of the client. Because each has its own exoticism.

Exoticism in the modern sense is primarily Oriental dishes. Moreover, foodies are not limited to Chinese or Japanese dishes, and need frills from Korean or middle Eastern cooks. Not less popular dishes from Africa and Australia. However, in order to feel the whole bouquet of pleasure, it should be remembered that food must have the same taste as at home, and best of all, elhotova it will cook from the same country. And, of course, to absorb the spirit of the exotic, the ambiance needs to be appropriate. What kind of Chinese restaurant without colored screens and wardrobes? Or Indian – sweet without smelling the intoxicating smell of sandalwood?

How much ink of cuttlefish?

Of course, exotic cuisine – not the cheapest pleasure. After all, to pay not only for the set of ingredients, but also exclusivity, craftsmanship and chefs that have the opportunity to taste delicacies unprecedented, without leaving Moscow. For example, chrysanthemum carp in sweet and sour sauce, which is served in the best restaurants of Hong Kong, will cost us at 900-1000 rubles per serving. However, this delicacy is not the most expensive dish on the menu of Chinese cuisine. All records in marble the meat with sprouted beans – 1.4 thousand rubles per 100 grams. A little less than it would cost sole fillet with king crab under truffle sauce is 1.3 thousand rubles, but for the whole dish. So if gluttonize, nor in denying themselves nothing, you can eat a very decent amount. For example, a full meal with shark fin soup will cost around 300 dollars, not including alcoholic beverages.

Not inferior in value to the Chinese, and at times even better, Japanese food. In addition to king crab is one of the main dishes in expensive Japanese restaurants, is among the special exotics include noodles with cuttlefish ink sauce curry – 650 rubles per serving. For the same money you can enjoy tuna in pepper sauce with Japanese egg roll. By the way, along with the ordinary rolls, which is already firmly entrenched in the diet of the inhabitants of large towns, in a fine Japanese cuisine offer to try this dish with foie Gras, smoked eel and truffle oil and crab meat, pickled ginger and tomato marmalade for the price of 300-500 rubles for six pieces. The average cost of lunch in a Japanese restaurant of high cuisine – 120-150 dollars, excluding alcoholic beverages.

But Korean buffet would cost much cheaper. He, incidentally, is also replete with rare delicacies. Lunch in national traditions are unlikely to go beyond 20 dollars, but for the money the client can potrebovaniyami full. Pickled snack kimchi and spicy carrot sabsay, for the first soup of radish with the brine shrimp or soup with meatballs from the flesh of walleye Pollock. The second one of the most common hot dishes of Korean cuisine – beef in mixture of soy sauce.

The hit of the season – kangaroo meat

Fans of middle Eastern gastronomic exoticism probably prefer other dishes tagine – tender loin of veal with three types of cabbage: broccoli, Brussels colour for 550 rubles. And after a hearty dinner and hookah smoke, the more that cost is the only pleasure will be from 10 to 30 dollars.

Jewish restaurants surprise visitors rather than exotic ingredients, and original names of dishes. For example, by line in the menu “Like a Jew – so with the violin” is hiding homemade liver cake, and the Aleph is not only the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but also stuffed pike. The average cost of a good lunch in the Jewish national traditions 40 to 50 dollars.

But the passion for Australian cuisine could easily ravage the wallets of gourmet. The menu includes one of the most expensive dishes in the capital – meat Australian lobster, at a price of 1.6 thousand rubles per serving, it is served with tomato salad. The same is beef. Although beef steak with tomato jam will cost “only” 1.1 thousand rubles. However, the most popular dish in Australian restaurants kangaroo meat. It is much cheaper than beef, because Russia exports of this delicacy in huge quantities at bargain prices. The only problem is that Australian restaurants in the capital so far, just two and obchelsya, but it doesn’t prevent true fans to enjoy, such as slices of fish or fish-whitefish at the price of 300-500 rubles per serving.

Treat millionaires

But aerobatics is, of course, the truffles, the rarest in the world, and therefore the most expensive product. It is eaten both in pure form and as additives to meat and fish dishes. Now began the season of white truffles, but to indulge in such exotic can not everyone, because the price of white truffles can reach 10 thousand euros per kilogram. It is clear that there are these fungi in pure form is a privilege of millionaires, but those who can not boast of Swiss Bank accounts, experts advise you to try traditional Italian pasta laced with truffles and the taste is excellent, and the wallet won’t be hit so hard.

Among the exotic dishes, too, has its innovations, one of them is the skate wings. Most recently, this dish began to offer the visitors of the capital’s restaurants. Technology of preparation is very simple: most importantly, until the dish on the table, to keep the product appropriate time in the fridge. And then – yum. Besides the cost of the overseas food compared to truffles is quite affordable – 1 thousand rubles per serving.


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