Meals made from seasonal products.

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables available in autumn, is a strong argument to hold wedding celebration in the autumn. Each dish is full of bright colors and is a true masterpiece, a work of art and extraordinary decoration. Use more seasonal fruits and vegetables on the holiday table.

Menu ideas for a fall wedding

1. Small pizza

Each guest can cook a La carte pizza with flavorful and delicious autumn filled with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, sausages, ham, salami, chicken, salty cheese, olives and herbs. In autumn especially easy to make striking compositions and use in one dish all the colors and shades of the rainbow.

What can be another idea: make a pizza in the shape of a heart, to nafarshirovat vegetables, to prepare tarts or tartlets with meat and vegetable stuffing, pies with meat or mushroom filled, with a filling of eggs with greens or fried cabbage, etc.

2. Mushroom dishes

For cooking you can use any mushrooms, but it would be ideal in a dish add a few wild mushrooms. Mushroom dishes are good in the fall, and every guest will certainly recall the pleasant memories and create a warm intimate atmosphere.

What else can be added: julienne, mushrooms with meat or cheese fillings and etc.

3. Eggplant and sladkiyparen

Vegetables will make your wedding table more diverse. Interesting idea for the table decoration and original presentation: fried eggplant with mayonnaise sauce and garlic with herbs like all. To file they can very effectively, to form from the fruit of stars or hearts, to make carrot and colourful peppers.

But pepper may not be subjected to heat treatment. Serve the sliced colored peppers on large plates. From the pepper you can cut the initials of the bride and groom, as well as various figures and hearts. This creative approach will appeal to both children and adults.

Additional ideas: eggplant rolls with cheese and garlic stuffing and Basil. A salad of multi-colored sweet peppers, etc.

4. Vegetable kebabs

Vegetables on skewers great appetizer for the holiday table. Vegetables can be cooked on the grill, if Your wedding is planned outdoors. Good for these purposes the tomatoes, garlic, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, large mushroom caps. They can serve with aromatic sauces or podlivoj.

But if Your wedding will be celebrated in the café, you can order skewers of raw vegetables: sweet peppers, small tomatoes, cheese balls – it’s much more original than the usual salads. Worth a try!

Other ideas: Salad with mushrooms with a sauce of olive oil and lemon juice.

5. Cold cuts and cheeses, toast with garlic and olives

With such a large abundance of vegetable salads and snacks, meat dishes should be simple in design. Not to copy the same set of products, junk food like stuffed cabbage. Better serve grilled meats, cold cuts, sliced cheeses and bread toasted spices, olives and garlic.

What more can submit: barbequed meat, chicken legs or wings with herbs, grilled and etc.

6. Fruit

The best treat of juicy sweet fruit. Buy a few wicker baskets. They can put apples and place baskets around the room. In addition, apples are often used as gifts for contests and as decor items.

Watermelons and melons can be cut into pieces and put on small tables at the beginning of the holiday, do not forget to regularly replenish diminishing stocks. Such a perfect treat to go with a Bang. Next to this dessert definitely put forks, plates and napkins.

7. Desserts

As a dessert for a fall wedding guests will definitely want something chocolate or creamy. You can organize a CaKe bar with small chocolate cakes with candied fruit or raisins. You can also offer guests an abundance of chocolate, profiteroles with cream, cookies with cinnamon in shape of hearts and other desserts.

8. Wedding cake

Wedding cake is the main dessert at the wedding. Now it should be made not only swans and flowers of white or pink cream. Autumn cake may be the real masterpiece.

In the fall of confectioners decorate wedding cakes with sunflowers, acorns chocolate, maple or oak leaves from sugar, as well as pumpkins, Paradise apples and twigs with fruits.

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