Low-calorie, tasty and healthy snacks without harm to the figures

Everyone knows that eating properly, but, nevertheless, there are temptations, to whom can’t stand people of any age and social status, such snacks include candy bars, chips, popcorn and much more. Especially dangerous such treats for those who wish to lose weight or control your diet. For many of us, snacks are a kind of remedy against stress, bad mood etc. But is it possible to get pleasure from eating sweets, retaining the shape? The whole secret lies in the right selection of snacks. You need to try to replace harmful high-calorie snacks in less fat. This article provides examples of low-calorie, tasty and healthy snacks that do not spoil the shape, so they can safely eat without the risk of gaining weight. It’s time to clean the fridge from nuts, chips and other junk food, filling a vacant place healthy snacks.

Snacking healthy

The ingestion of low-fat snacks all contribute to saving energy, supporting optimal concentration of sugar in the blood, and decrease appetite. On the other hand, these snacks must be healthy and not to have a detrimental impact on the body.

Due to the fact that some low-calorie snacks good umenshaetsya, you will eat less at lunch or dinner. The result is obsestional reduction of volume of calories consumed.

But frequent consumption of high-calorie snacks that have been detrimental to health, can contribute to sharp rise of sugar level, and this, in turn, can cause a sharp downturn of mood, the appearance of apathy, and irritability. The availability of fat in the product directly depends on its taste, texture, consistency, appearance and, of course, storage life. But do not forget that such products affect the level of cholesterol, which increases the chances of occurrence of heart disease. Because both children and adults should learn to cook for yourself low-calorie and tasty snack, and besides, it’s just.

Healthy snacks.Choose snacks that do not harm the figure, contain complex carbohydrates, such as peanut butter, yogurt, cheese. Avoid candies, sweet water and similar products.

By purchasing any products, carefully study the information about the content and storage time.

Low-fat snacks. This category includes: raw vegetables, fresh fruit, crackers, nuts or whole grain bread, cheese, low-fat popcorn, because this is the healthiest snacks recommended by nutritionists experienced.

Simple low-calorie snacks: bagels, made with whole grain flour, corn chips (provided that they are properly cooked), wheat crackers, bran muffin, hard-boiled egg, a banana or celery, fruit yoghurt, a smoothie with yogurt, fruit pieces and ice

tuna fillet with celery, dressed with low-calorie mayonnaise, soy milk with cereals from whole-grain cereal, popcorn (low-fat), yoghurt, cheese, rice cakes, apples, grapes, berries, various raw vegetables, milk shake with a banana or berries.

Tips on cooking low-calorie snacks

Not necessarily a healthy snack needs to be delicious. You can quickly and easily make healthy snacks that are not ashamed to treat loved ones. To avoid the use of sunflower or olive oil, should be prepared in non-stick cookware.

Instead of frying vegetables or fish in the pan, use a microwave, this way you will be able to do without the use of oil. Try to eat hot or cold quick-cooking cereals, as they have virtually no fat.

Butter, sour cream, margarine, mayonnaise, replace sauces with yogurt.

Fatty sauces with the condiments, spices, and nonfat marinades.

If you must use eggs, two proteins can replace one egg. Grilling and frying in the open air is the most harmless method of cooking poultry.

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