Salads every day.

The proverb about what a real woman can make anything from a hat, a scandal and a salad, familiar, probably, each one of you. I like to buy a hat in the store is still easier, and the scandal and not a mandatory attribute of femininity. But with a salad this writer made the right decision. The ability of the most simple ingredients to make a tasty and preferably healthy dish is useful in case when you need to bewitch a man, going the right way – through his stomach, and just when you want to treat yourself to your favorite something interesting and not difficult.

Here I want to focus on simple recipes. Still, on my deep belief, all feature salad meals as it is in the simplicity of cooking. Anyway, if we are talking about salads every day. Recipes . requiring more than half an hour will leave for special occasions.

Greek salad

I must say that this is not the only option. Debate about how should be The Correct Greek Salad, subside, probably never. You, probably, also has its own brand and is the most authentic recipe. But here I propose my own, simple and easy. Continue reading

Exotic Chinese dishes of rare species of animals
"Turtle meat cures cancer" – this traditional widespread confidence in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province. Here in the markets full of exotic and endangered animals. Buy…

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Florentine meat dishes
Tuscan cuisine is rich in tradition, and the most interesting of them relate to the preparation of meat dishes. In many cities this region has its historical features in the…

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Meals made from seasonal products.
A wide variety of fruits and vegetables available in autumn, is a strong argument to hold wedding celebration in the autumn. Each dish is full of bright colors and is…

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