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Food in Thailand is very diverse and exotic. In Thailand to buy a ready meal from insects are everywhere. This is one of the highlights of Thai cuisine. Fried grasshoppers and other exotic for us treats are sold in Thailand straight from the stalls. Except the grasshoppers, here you can buy interesting and exotic dishes made from insects – rolls larvae of the silkworm, crickets in chocolate and stuff. Europeans, savour the taste of dishes from insects, say that their taste is not so bad. In General, all Thai (and not only) nation falls under the definition of entomophagy (Entomophagy) — the phenomenon of eating insects. In many Asian countries there are a whole cuisine on cooking insects. In fact, insects are eaten in more than a hundred countries around the world. This is not surprising.

Man is born omnivorous, but few are ready to take it to heart and eat, for example, bugs or crickets. Meanwhile, insect eating around the globe: they have more protein than chicken meat, full of iron, magnesium and other important elements, finally, it’s just delicious.

Insects are very nutritious, they contain almost no fat and are a source of a large number of proteins. In addition, insects are useful to us the trace minerals and even vitamins. So in a field cricket contains 20,72% protein, in Indian locust – 25,88%.Beetles-borers and the larvae of dragonflies is a storehouse of minerals, especially phosphorus and calcium. It is not surprising that insects are recommended for use by nutritionists in the world. And the energy component of a meal of insects is not inferior to the usual meal of meat.

There are 1462 species of edible insects, and it is unlikely all of them can try for a lifetime. However, thanks to the Internet, to eat something or other insect, not everyone needs to go to Thailand, Uganda or New Guinea: companies that sell insects online.

We will try to tell you about the recipes of the most delicious, in the opinion of tourists, exotic dishes made from insects, which are the real highlight of the meal in Thailand.

Crickets in chocolate

About twenty crickets osypletsya (!) in the freezer, then removed the hind legs, and the insects spread out on the baking sheet. Dried insects in the oven you need no less than 1-2 hours at a temperature of 250 degrees. At this time, to melt in the fire a few bars of chocolate, then alternately dipped in melted chocolate crickets, and put them on paper. The dish is ready after the solidification of the chocolate. To eat this dish with caution, fried crickets emit a particular sound when chewing they are a little click.

Fried bamboo worms

For Thai dish fried in oil bamboo worms — a traditional way to start a meal like a salad or soup for Europeans. The taste and texture they are a bit like popcorn, although some special distinct taste they have, but very nutritious.

Actually it’s not worms, but larvae of the grass moth family of pyralid-travenol (Crambidae) living in bamboo. Traditionally they collect, cutting off the bamboo stalks, but have recently begun to breed on commercial farms, and package them in bags like chips. The products of Bizarre Food you can, for example, to buy in England. In addition to Thailand bamboo worms are happy to eat in China and in the Amazon basin.

Skewers of larvae of the beetle-barbel

Barbel, large and shiny beetles with long antennae-antennas, distributed throughout the world, many of them in Russia. We also called beetle Longhorn, in the English speaking world — beetles-Capricorn (capricorn beetle).

The larvae of the longicorn beetles that live in the roots of sago palms is a very popular rustic food in Eastern Indonesia. For fat and juicy larvae Indonesians sometimes wreak havoc on a small palm grove, and then, carefully strung on sticks, and roasted larvae over the fire. They have tender flesh, but very dense skin, which takes a long time to chew. The taste of the larvae resemble bacon fat.

In the larvae there is another use: the villagers use them as a brush for the ears — put a live larva in the ear, holding the tail with your fingers, and that quickly eats away the ear wax.

Cutlets from earthworms

The recipe is simple insects. For starters, worms are boiled in boiling water. After they are crushed in a blender and add to the bulk of the lemon zest, salt, melted milk and white pepper. Everything is thoroughly mixed. In a separate bowl, whipped the egg with the salt. Minced worms dipped in egg, then in breadcrumbs and sent to a heated pan. These cutlets are fried ten minutes, certainly on each side. Before serving them with sour cream.

Another tasty dish of insects – grasshoppers in caramel. Before you pour the crickets in caramel, roast them in a pot with oats.

Cheese with cheese fly larvae

This cheese is proof that insects are eaten not only in Africa and Asia. Casu marzu is an important Sardinian specialties: cheese made from unpasteurized goat’s milk with live larvae of the cheese fly Piophila casei. For most fans of casu marzu cheese is not just cheese or cheese and permanently foul the cheese with worms. Strictly speaking, it is true that this is a common Pecorino, which cut off the top layer of cheese to fly freely laid in it her eggs. Emerging larvae then begin to eat out the cheese from the inside — the acid in their digestive system, decompose the fat in cheese and gives it a peculiar softness. Some of the fluid even flows outside — it’s called lagrima, which translated means “tear”.

In Sardinia casu marzu is an aphrodisiac and is traditionally eaten with worms. Moreover, it is believed that casu marzu is secure only while the larvae are alive. To make it easy: disturbed larvae, reaching a centimeter in length, can jump out of the cheese to a height of 15 cm is described many instances where they fell into the eye of one who tried the cheese. So fans often eat casu marzu this cheese in the glasses or by spreading it on bread, cover the sandwich by hand. However, to remove the maggots from the cheese is not considered a crime. The easiest way is to put a piece of cheese or a sandwich in a paper bag and tightly close it: suffocating the larvae start to jump out. When shooting in the batch is terminated, the cheese can be eaten.

Of course, no hygienic standards of the European Union casu marzu is inconsistent and has long been banned (it was only available on the black market at a price twice the price of regular Pecorino). But in 2010, casu marzu has been declared cultural heritage of Sardinia and is allowed again.

Pizza with larvae of the rhinoceros beetle

Melted butter mixed with flour, salt and egg. The dough is carefully made and rolled into a ball, after put in the refrigerator. For the filling you will need chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions and grated cheese. The dough goes from fridge. The pizza base is a sauce made of ketchup and mayonnaise. Laid out on top of the tomatoes, peppers, onions and cheese. Fried larvae of the rhinoceros beetle are laid on top. They are seasoned with pepper and herbs. The pizza is baked in preheated oven at 180 degrees.

Dried caterpillars of the mopane with onions

Dried caterpillars of the moth Gonimbrasia belina, a species of South African pavlinovitch living on the mopane trees, is the most important source of protein for the people of South Africa. Collecting these caterpillars in Africa is quite a serious business: in supermarkets and markets can be found as dried and smoked by hand and marinated, rolled in tin boxes.

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