Extreme cuisine

Part of any trip is discovering the local food, which in the literal sense of the expression “eyes on the forehead climb”. In this article we will introduce you to unusual culinary delights of different countries. But, as the author of Lonely Planet’s “Extreme cuisine” Eddie Lin: “the Difference between delicious and tasteless food consists of only two letters.”

Australia: large white larvae

These fleshy creatures were an important staple food of Australian aborigines for thousands of years. They grow up to 7 cm in length and are found in Central Australia in the roots nizkostvolnye and eucalyptus trees. There they Jivatma plant SAP before you turn into butterfly, if not to eat them before that. What if you still enjoy? This can only be compared to how bent a little balloon of liquid. It spreads out in your mouth like a SIP of red wine. Although the taste is more reminiscent of an egg.

Afghanistan: the testicles

Edible testicles come in all sizes: large bullish (also called “Rocky mountain oysters”) and small cock. The Chinese are fond of stewed testicles, and the Afghans are preparing lamb on a spit like a kebab. In Texas hold a festival dedicated to the bull eggs. For cooking they need to be cut (at this stage, disappear the faint of heart), remove the membranes and saute with lemon and sumac until soft.

Iceland: Stingray

This relative of the shark has platiinum a tail with a poisonous sting at the end. The fleshy part of the fins. Icelanders love putrid and fermented ramps, and residents of Malaysia and Singapore prefer fresh, with spices or fried. Stingray meat is flaky but sticky, and tasted like a mixture of fish and crayfish.

China: sea cucumber

Okay, it’s not quite cucumber, and sea creature in the shape of a sausage, which is present in menu of almost every Chinese restaurant. In dried form they can be found in markets and pharmacies. For cooking they should be left in water for 12 hours, then stew for 2 hours and serve with vegetables. They taste mild, they can be slippery, so eat them with chopsticks just will not work.

Thailand: Scorpio

The desire to eat something that causes terrible cramps, seems like madness. But in many Asian countries like to look at all the positive side: for them, the Scorpion – excellent source of protein, not death. In Beijing they cook on the grill, in Thailand – fried or soaked in whisky. They have the taste of popcorn with a crispy crust and tender middle. Organs during cooking has evaporated.

China: pig’s head

In small Chinese restaurants often post parts of a pork carcass or duck carcasses on hooks without any disgust or apology. Pig’s head among the “exhibits”. You need to get your ear and have like big fat potato chips. And your sweetheart can offer eyes. The cheek too, by the way, eat.

Peru: Guinea pig

Most people find their sweet, shrill, cartoonish creatures. But in Peru, many holding dozens of them in their gardens once to roast. After cooking they look like rats but tastes like rabbit. And the younger Guinea pig, the crispy crust.

Mexico: grasshoppers

Forget about peanuts or popcorn as snacks for beer. In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, tourists will be offered grasshoppers. Local restaurants add to their tacos and guacamole. Prefer young specimens – they have a soft texture and a tiny porch. They are boiled, washed and then fried with lime, salt and chili pepper. The finished grasshoppers grassy-earthy taste.

Japan: puffer fish

A small drop of toxin produced by the puffer fish to kill 30 people. Poisonous parts of the fish expertly removes certified fugu chef. The meat is cut very thin – rayed ornament on the plate. And the taste? It is almost there. But all living things! It’s like a roller coaster ride.

Latin America: chicha

This fermented drink made from corn, cassava or fruit, chewed and moistened with saliva Indian women. The main secret is to turn the starch into sugar. To do this, and some use saliva, it is the catalyst. Others first, boil the ingredients and drink fermented after cooling. The taste depends on the manufacturing process, and overall the drink is sweet.

Well, we have no choice but to wish Bon appetit. I hope lunch time is already here?

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