Exotic food from different countries

In the traditional cuisine of different countries there are lots of incredibly delicious food, and there was a strange delicacies of unusual ingredients. Intrepid travelers like to try exotic dishes. And would you risk?
Exotic dish of Iceland: hakarl
A traditional dish for festive Christmas and new year festivities in the far North of Iceland is hakarl – rotten shark meat. This delicacy is prepared for many months: the shark is gutted and cut up for a few months, the meat is soaked in a special leaven. Then take out, cut into strips, and hanging on hooks, left to rot. The smell of this dish is almost unbearable, so try hakarl, advise, holding his nose. But those who ventured to the tasting, they say that the taste is quite delicate.

Like an exotic dish in another Nordic country – Norway. There it is called rakfisk and usually cook trout or whitefish. The taste of hakarl and rakfisk different, but the smell, they say, is almost equally terrible.

Exotic dish of China: the bird’s nest soup
Asian cuisine can generally be described as exotic. Then you and fried tarantulas, live octopus, rotten eggs… One of the most harmless exotic Chinese dishes – soup of edible bird’s nests. It is one of the most expensive. Because the cost of these nests up to several thousand dollars per kilogram.

To prepare the soup, use the nests of only two species of Swifts who build their homes from almost pure saliva with a small addition of feathers. The less in a nest of feathers, the more expensive the dish.

Soup of edible nests like a jelly: thanks to the gluten contained in the saliva of Swifts, it has the appearance of viscous mucus. This exotic dish once eaten the representatives of the ruling Chinese dynasties, and today it is a delicacy in China, Vietnam, Singapore and other Asian countries. You have a chance to try this dish when you join our planned tour in China!

Exotic dish of Iraq: sheep’s head
Strange and a little intimidating delicacy, popular not only in Iraq but also in Iran – is a boiled sheep’s head, or Pacha. This is the traditional holiday dish, the rich decoration of the table. To strip her honor usually goes to the most senior and respected of those present. Pacha is preparing just. In boiling salted water, throw the head of a newly killed sheep with peeled skin. The finished dish seasoned with garlic sauce. Looks scary, but for someone and just disgusting, but the taste, they say, very personal.

Exotic dish of Paraguay: stuffed rats
And yet – steamed, dried, and simply fried potatoes. In Paraguay rats in General are widely used as food and in many different ways! They say that their meat resembles the rabbit or pork. And that it is very useful for health because it is rich in protein and is low fat, dietary product. Some exotic dishes substitute for meat Guinea pigs. Probably due to the fact that it is bigger in size.

By the way, rat meat is loved not only in Paraguay but also in neighboring Peru and even in distant Vietnam, where it is used to cook soups and exotic dish rat grill.

Exotic dish of Mexico: escamoles
This dish from the eggs of giant black ants of the genus liometopum, which live only in Mexico. To produce eggs is not easy, because these ants are poisonous. So escamoles – quite an expensive dish. And yet in the guidebooks advise you not to spare money and to try. Ants eat the eggs raw (in this form they resemble the taste of butter with nuts, but the consistency of cottage cheese), and braised, spiced guacamole. Escamoles attributed celebnye properties. It is believed that this exotic dish improves the immune system and maintain strength and youth.

All this is far from the most shocking and exotic dishes that you can try while traveling. Although to taste the same to the Pacha, or hakarl, also need some courage. Take a chance! They may not be to your liking. But you have “in the Bank” will be the story about what an unusual gastronomic adventure you have experienced.

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