Diet for every day

Usually diet for each day are as balanced menu, which can’t bring harm. But what do we get upon closer inspection? Here’s a diet for every day from his emaciated Yulia successfully Kuvshinovo. This diet is considered by most nutritionists are “Soviet” education is good and balanced. Breakfast — buckwheat with yogurt. Snack — a baked Apple. Yes, 1 baked Apple, and nothing more. Lunch — 150 g of cod steamed with vegetables. Snack — an Apple again. Dinner — 150 g poultry, steamed vegetables. It’s clear that fish oil, poultry without the skin. And still to this attached diet morning Jogging and evening hours in the simulator hall for weight loss. Now imagine a girl weighing, say, 70 kg, who wants to lose weight, but in this case, the jog understands running at a speed of 10-12 km/h for 45 min, and under power — squats with a barbell its own weight on the shoulders, bench press half their own weight lying and utility exercises. And yet — 15 minutes of interval running on the stepper at the end of the workout. Do this diet on every day of our heroine? No, of course she will suffer both from lack of protein and deficiency of fats and carbohydrates. And we assure you that it runs short, and squat will start to be degraded. This example here to the fact that using other people’s menu from the Internet don’t need to lose common sense.

Description of the diet for each day

You probably saw all the rations “with ponedelnika Friday” and creepy for the average person layout menu, such as “15 g muesli, in any case not 16, 5 g of jam, 10, and 80 g of cottage cheese, and not a gram more.” The point here is not that someone who loves and has the prospect is less frightening, but the fact that most of these menus was an abridged the typical American diet of the mid 90s. Then, as you remember, in the trend were a full carbohydrate diet, with small (0.5 g per 1 kg of body weight) amount of protein and almost zero fat. But we with you not so love muesli, so whatever has grown to include 15 g of this product in the diet?

And you certainly met and other diets — there is native to pain buckwheat, steamed with PM, it is unclear what is consumed (120 kcal and no satiety) stewed fruit and fish soup. When was the last time you ate fish soup? That’s the same! This is a typical menu of the Soviet citizen in the mid 80’s, cuts through fats and protein, mainly. Also ideologically alien to modern man, not having the time and desire to cook souffle of cod and seethe fish soups.

Both, fortunately, it is not mandatory to use older healthy people who know how to read and use the Internet.

To make a diet for yourself from your favorite foods, provided that you do not train to become a champion, and just make their power in the hall 3 times a week or do only aerobics or home exercises, do the following:

multiply your weight in kilograms by 1.2 g is much pure protein you need to your body with regard to light physical exercise to minimize muscle loss on a diet, and that you are not looking for something else to eat after 15 g muesli; multiply your weight in kg 0.4 — as the body need fat to maintain normal hormonal balance; multiply the weight per unit — and you will receive the minimum acceptable number of carbs.

The thus obtained figures are the minimum of what you should eat. Girls are strongly encouraged to raise the number of fats to at least 1 g per 1 kg of body weight.

The next step is to rewrite what you eat during the day, counting calories in and WATCH any program, and in proportion to cut back on some components. For most people, the exception will coffee with cream and sugar, sodas, juices, beer, extra buns for lunch, and excess of sweets for dinner.

Diet menu for every day

Most of the menu translated from American sources is composed as follows:

Meal 1 — 1 serving of complex carbs, 1 portion protein, 1 portion fats.

Meal 2 — 1 serving protein, 1 serving of fiber or simple carbs (fruits and berries, not sugar).

3 meals — 1 portion protein, 2 portions of fiber, 1 serving of complex carbohydrates 1 serving of fat, or “half”, if fats are greatly curtailed (men).

4 meals — 1 portion protein, 1 portion simple carbs.

5 meals — 1 portion protein 1-2 servings of fiber, a serving of fat.

6 meal (for “power” athletes and enthusiasts who train more than 3 times per week for more than 45 minutes, and weight lifting significant weights) — 1 serving of protein.

Sources of fiber are usually not metered — they can have more if it’s more convenient, and the digestive tract normally takes them:

1 serving is 100 grams of protein or carbohydrates, or fiber, or fruits (they are in the table — simple carbohydrates), for athletes the fat mass below 20% and for men is 150 grams of food.

1 serving of fat is 30 g of nuts and 25 ml of vegetable oil or 10 g of butter or coconut.

1 serving of simple carbs is 15 grams of sugar in a pure form, or 200 g of fruit-berries, or 30g of dried fruit.

For those who do not training, typically require the partial exception of protein from 2 and 4 meals, and the complete exclusion of the 6 meals. Moderately exercising before bedtime is shown “half a squirrel” — it’s something like 80 g low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat Cup of yogurt.

Diet recipes on every day

Complex carbohydrates — cereals

1 Cup of any cereal, 3 cups of water, salt, spices if necessary.

Boil the water, pour cereal, slack the fire, cook for about 20 minutes until cooked.

Fibre — steamed vegetables

1 kg of any fresh vegetables you want to eat stew, 1-2 onions, optional = flakes of red pepper, garlic, oregano, cumin, Basil (especially the eggplant and tomatoes). If you take frozen mixed vegetables — 800 g of a mixture, and less water. Water — 2 cups or 1 Cup of broth with celery, onions and carrots homemade and 1 Cup of water. Salt to taste.

First wash the vegetables and cut into cubes, or strips of medium thickness. Then add water and stew until ready. Spices added at the end of cooking, onions and garlic all at once. The oil is allowed and necessary for dieting the amount typically put in the finished dish.

Protein — a simple recipe for roasting fish, meat and poultry

1 kg of protein materials without bones, skin and other inedible material, 1-2 onions, 50 ml of soy sauce with reduced sodium content, a little Basil, red pepper flakes and, if desired, ginger root, 1 see

Basis wash and cut the components for the marinade is mixed, add the base, cover in a plastic container and leave in the fridge for 6 hours (convenient to do it in the morning, then to quickly prepare lunch and dinner). Next, meat or fish prepared in any way — steamed, in the oven or on a ceramic pan in a little water.

Your daily diet will be the more successful, the more simple will be composition courses and products. Treat yourself, allowing myself 1-2 “meals” per week, and cook from natural ingredients.

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