Delicious salads of squid

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Often, when we eat a cucumber, starting to wince sharply, and in a hurry to wash it down with water. We all know that feeling, when you get a bitter cucumber. And we have a reasonable question, but why is he bitter, like and care for him, so what he lacks.

Fruit salads are very tasty and useful. In such salads almost no calories but contains a lot of vitamin. Like what cook fruit salad?

Zucchini and squash – the representatives of the pumpkin than pumpkin and large-fruited twardogora, they are more tender, have a more watery flesh, and spoil faster.

Caper is the buds of a Mediterranean shrub that are harvested before they bloom.

The baobab is called the tree whose roots are upward. Actually this is only the impression given by the tree – nine months of the year it is without leaves, bare branches. This is one of the features of giant – baobab zabotitsya of retaining moisture.

In our rush, where all the power takes work, career and business success and caring, we sometimes forget about the most beautiful thing we have – love. That a number of us have that person, whom we often owe their success, which encourages us to grow and achieve heights. Might be worth at least one day to devote to your loved one and, for example, arrange a romantic evening? Not necessarily in the restaurant or bar is quite cosy home environment. So, how to arrange a romantic evening at home?

Varieties of tomato (properly called the tomato) breeders brought many. But what varieties are recognised as the best?

If you know how to cook flavored oil yourself – well, then you have oil to prepare any culinary masterpiece. If you prefer ready, from the shop, it is worthwhile to think about the combination of smells and tastes.

I love figs — tender, tasty and juicy. It is good and fresh. In addition, Fig you can prepare delicious fruit salads.

Helpful Brussel sprouts are not very popular. In vain, you can cook delicious appetizers, salads, can be baked and stewed, the word vegetable is versatile, low in calories and for losing weight and traineeship simply irreplaceable.

Quick and delicious salad can be prepared using Chinese cabbage. Moreover, this dish will be well to look at the holiday table. Typically, these salads are eaten first, since they are light and tasty. Instead of mayonnaise in this salad you can use yogurt.

Salads in a hurry is a “lifesaver” for a modern housewife, when no time for preparing complex salads is not enough, and you want to treat yourself and those around with something new, delicious and original. Each family has its own recipes quick salads. As a rule, for them the basis of a single product and to it is added a few ingredients. Some salads prepared “in haste”, has become a traditional and favorite. An example would be crab salad with rice, eggs and canned corn, the recipe of which is known to every housewife. Or favorite salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers with herbs and onions. Easier and faster does not happen. Offer recipes of salads from different ingredients.

To prepare a tasty meal is a real culinary science and the art of delivering prepared meals, knowledge of the rules of table setting and etiquette. When on the table delicious food, besides meeting all tastes and requirements, we will be pleased and stomach, and comfortably over the body.

In the spring, the markets are full of greens and fresh vegetables. It’s time to cook a delicious vegetable salads, rich in vitamins and minerals.

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