Best cuisines of the world

Food and travel are so inextricably linked, as airplanes and airports. No matter where you go, you need to get as much culinary experience, which will help to understand the local culture. In some countries it is food is the main attraction, attracting many foodies to its borders, like moths to flame. Below we will discuss ten countries, for which the taste buds of a traveler would be definitely grateful.

1. Thailand

Combining the cuisines of India, China and Oceania, Thai cuisine is concentrated the best of all three cooking techniques and delicious ingredients. Dishes are usually seasoned with garlic and Chile. Other typical ingredients include lime juice, coriander and lemongrass, giving cooked delights characteristic sharp taste, typical of Thai cuisine. A legendary sauce for fish or shrimp paste makes just fall in love with this extraordinary the kitchen.

2. Greece

From olives to octopus, the true taste of Greece is defined by fresh healthy food. Here not adopted a disguise or Eclipse an original taste, especially when dealing with freshly baked bread, pink tomatoes and fresh-caught Mediterranean fish. Lunch is the main event with the string supplied to the table as the dishes. Thanks to the environment and Fridays, traditional fasting days, the vegetarians too will not be deprived of care.

3. China

From questionable dumpling shops to four-star Banquet halls, China boasts some of the best foods in the world. Cultural concepts of Yin and Yang (balance and harmony) are evident at every feast, and this is reflected in the mix of chilled products, such as vegetables and fruits, warming spices and meat. The Chinese revere rice but also love noodles and any of these products almost always present on the table.

4. France

From cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes, the French are famous for their food all over the world. French cuisine is characterized by coquetry, offering a wide variety of products. Distinctive climate and geography of each region influenced the many regional specialities. Many in France consider lunch the main meal of the day, although a two-hour marathon meal is less and less. The main meal – an extended lunch prepared at home and consists of six different dishes.

5. Spain

Is best presented in Barcelona, Catalan cuisine can boast accolades foodies from around the world. Like the other regional Spanish cuisines, Catalan favors spices such as saffron and cumin, and honey sweets. The mixture of ingredients and traditions adds spice to the food of Barcelona. There are also seafood and meat in a large variety of sauces. The main meal is lunch, but he never before 21.00.

6. Mexico

In Mexican cuisine, due to its history, the dominant influence in Spanish cuisine with a mixture of French and Arabic. Dishes based on corn and beans are the main – cooked variety known throughout the world, including tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas.

7. Italy

The food is probably the most famous export product of Italy and the whole world adores her, and rightly. Despite all the differences that exist between regions, several key products associated culinary creations of the country. The thought of pizza with a thin base, pasta and risotto cause an increased appetite in many people. What to drink? Wine? Yes, no wine can not do. But ordering a dessert to finish the feast with coffee is necessary. Italians cook it better – from improving the excellent of roasting beans until soft filling cups with coffee essence. Perfecto!

8. India

The multifaceted cooking of India is changing its form as the tourist moves between suburbs, cities and States. The basis of all the food in South is rice and in the North – roti (Indian pastries). Them, usually combined with vegetables and always or dhal is the main dish of Indian cuisine, which is prepared on the basis of bean dal, veggies, coconut milk, using a large number of spices. Can also add fish or meat. Whatever the ingredients, the dish usually contains intoxicating a handful of exotic spices that make the taste buds become in the rack and to draw attention to the dish.

9. Japan

Most Japanese restaurants concentrate on a special food such as yakitori (chicken grilled or vegetables on skewers), sushi and sashimi (raw fish), tempura (lightly pounded and fried) and wheat noodles. The culmination of Japanese cuisine – Kaiseki is a special Japanese art that combines the ingredients, cooking, making, submitting, conducting the ceremony, the reception of pleasure from the contemplation of dishes, from the taste of delicious food, elaborate menu, and from the time spent together.

10. Indonesia and Malaysia

In Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines have left a trail of many peoples: Chinese, Portuguese, colonists and traders, they all influenced the ingredients and culinary concepts. This nation, well presented your food. The abundance of rice is characteristic of the fertile terraced landscape of the region, the spices remind us of a time of trade and invasion, and the fiery Chile reflects the human passion. Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine is not complicated, and the flavors remain distinct, simple and profound.

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